COVID-19 Update

August 12, 2021 update


Hey Church,

Less than two months ago, it looked like brighter days might be ahead for our state. Mask mandates were lifted, there was a “re-opening” celebration in downtown Portland, and summer weather and lots of vitamin D were lifting many of our spirits.

This week, we were reminded that life is always a mix of joy and sorrow and that change is always just around the bend. The Delta variant has contributed to an increase of positive COVID-19 cases, more hospitalizations, and yet another pivot during this season.

We recognize that gathering as a community in-person is a vital component for many following Jesus. We also acknowledge that some will prefer to tune in online to reduce risk of exposure. However you choose to worship and be a part of the life of this church and, ultimately, participate in God’s kingdom, we ask that you take the precautions that you deem necessary for yourself and this community. Whatever you decide, we are here to walk with you in this season, to pray with you through this season, to help bear your burdens in this season.

After discussion with the elders and staff, we want to encourage you to practice personal safety measures and we will be gracious towards everyone that joins us for in-person worship. We ask that you honor our fellow brothers and sisters with the healthy boundaries they have for themselves and let us continue to be a people that embodies and extends grace and love towards one another.

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Greg on behalf of The Elders

May 19, 2021 update

Masks Are Optional


As you may be aware, last week the CDC updated their mask guidelines, and people who are vaccinated no longer need to wear masks for most indoor activities, including attending church. The Oregon Health Authority announced similar guidance, and, as a result, we are adjusting our mask guidelines at GPBC.

Starting Sunday May 30, masks will be optional for all GPBC gatherings. This includes Sunday service, classes, small groups, men and women ministry events, children and youth activities, food pantry, etc. For medical privacy reasons we will not be asking or verifying anyone's vaccination status. 

We will continue to livestream our services.

We understand that some of you have been sick with COVID during this time or someone close to you has been sick, and maybe you have even lost someone. We understand and grieve with you. Take your time, you are loved.

Throughout COVID, John 13:34 continues to be on my heart:

“A new commandment I give to you, that you love one another:
 just as I have loved you, you also are to love one another.”

My prayer is that we continue to be a church that is consistently loving one another. If you are most comfortable with a mask or without, know that you have a church that loves and welcomes you. 


Pastor Greg on behalf of the elders

April 11, 2021 update

Discontinuing Registration

We are gathering at 10:30am for worship on Sundays in our large Auditorium.

  • We will continue to wear masks and social distance.
  • Our rows are 6 feet apart.
  • We have discontinued registration. 
  • Our livestream is available on our website on Sundays

See you Sunday!

March 9, 2021 update

Gathering 150 In-Person on Sundays

I have to say that it is a true joy to worship with you all on Sunday mornings. Gathering together and filling the sanctuary with praises for Jesus with our faith community is always a highlight of my week. Seeing the connections being made, prayer circles spontaneously forming after service, laughing with one another, and hearing the stomping feet of children parading around makes my heart happy.  

Since the new year began, we have started seeing newcomers in Sunday morning services, and they have been welcomed warmly by our hospitality team. Sometimes these newcomers sign up for service, and sometimes they aren’t aware of the process. We have welcomed them with open arms either way. This past Sunday at our GP Meet and Greet, we had about 20 people join us to get more connected to the church.  

As a staff, we have discussed welcoming more people into our service and ways to maintain safety. We understand some are still more comfortable joining us online, and we are grateful for all of you staying so plugged into GPBC during this year. We will continue to livestream our service.  

Seeing an increase in attendance and the blessing of our spacious worship center, we are confident that we can increase Sunday morning attendance to 150 individuals and maintain safety measures. We are using this past Sunday, where we had 130 in the auditorium for in-person worship, as a barometer for how to adjust accordingly. To help with safety measures, we will provide more chairs in our sanctuary, so we can maintain social distancing, and masks are still required. 

Know that your physical, mental, and spiritual health is always on our hearts and minds. We are continuing to pray during this season we are all in and are grateful for the presence of God being with us and within us throughout this all.  

Grace and Peace,

Pastor Greg


January 31, 2021 Update

Livestream & In-Person Service only at 11am on Sundays

Beginning this week, we will gather in-person and livestream on Sundays at 11:00am (registration open to 100 people for our in-person service). We are discontinuing our 9:00am morning worship service. During the 9:00am hour both Don Westerberg and Dick Middlebrooks' classes will continue to meet.

December 2, 2020 update

Gathering in Person Limited to 100.

We have yet another pivot in our midst! This pivot is of good tidings. We are now cleared to offer gatherings of 100 people in line with the newest state regulations! We feel with the space that God has blessed us with we are able to safely gather with this amount of people. We are still requiring people to wear masks during this time for the safety of our community and will encourage continued social distancing as well.

So what does that mean going forward?

This Sunday, December 6, we will still only have our one 11 am gathering, but will increase sign ups to accommodate 100 people. You may sign up through our website or through our app. We will stream the 11am service.

Beginning December 13, we will return to our 9 am and 11 am services this time with 100 each. We will livestream the 9am service, and it will be available to also watch later at 11am if you'd like. Also, if you are a part of one of our adult classes, connect with Dick Middlebrooks and Don Westerberg to see when and where those classes will meet. Children and youth will gather in their classes still during the 11am hour.

We are excited to worship at a larger capacity with our church community during this Advent Season!


Pastor Greg

November 29, 2020 update

Gathering in Person Limited to 25 & Livestreaming at 11am

Multnomah County has been given a four week "freeze". With the limit to 25 person gatherings, we will move to just one in-person service with livestream at 11am on Sunday mornings. Children and Youth programs will continue to coincide with the 11am service.

Register here or on our app!

If you are participating in an adult Sunday School class, you will now meet at 9am in the building. Dick Middlebrook's class will continue to meet in the Mt. Jefferson room and Don Westerberg's class will now meet in the Deschutes room. 

We hope that we will be able to meet together soon! If the sign-up is full, please join us for the livestream on Sunday morning at 11am on our youtube channel (Greater Portland Bible Church) or on our facebook page. 

September 11, 2020 update

Gathering In-Person on Sundays for Worship 


We are so excited to be gathering, in-person, on Sunday mornings,  As a reminder, going forward, we are now gathering up to 50 people each in two Sunday morning services, at 9am and 11am. During our 11am service, children (birth to 5th grade) will meet on the upstairs level and youth (6th-12th grade) will meet in the student center. When registering for a worship service, please do not sign up children or youth for the 11am auditorium service IF they will be attending our children or youth programs.

Here is what church looks like as we return:

  • Weekly pre-registration will be required to attend a worship service
  • Masks are a must for ages five and older
  • Keep social distancing (6’) while in the building. Leave three empty seats between households while seated in the auditorium.
  • No food or coffee service will be available.
  • All worship service attendees will need to enter through the front main doors.
  • Doors will open 10 minutes prior to the start of service. Enter from outside directly to be seated in the auditorium.
  • At the end of the service, a leader will explain that you are welcome to fellowship on the front lawn. Half the room will be asked to stand and exit immediately. Then the other half will be asked to exit.
  • All socializing will take place outside on the lawns or parking lots. Please don’t gather in groups at the entrance or inside the lobby.
  • The restrooms directly outside the auditorium will be available and sanitized regularly during service.
  • We will be sanitizing the auditorium and lobby between services.   

For the 11:00am service specifically, children and youth programs will be open for check-in at 10:45am. Children are to be brought to the upper building/office entrance for our children's program on the upstairs level (pick up your child there too). Youth are welcome to our Sunday in the the Student Center. Both programs will take temperatures at check in. We will not be pre-registering children or youth programs for Sundays. Masks are required in both programs, age 5 and up.

Thank you so much for joining us in this time! We would much rather figure out how to gather than risk not gathering at all. If you know of someone that has limited internet access that would like to register for a service, please have them call the office to leave their name, phone number, and which service time they would like to attend that week (503-452-9375). If you need to cancel your registration for any reason, please email us immediately, so we may open it up for someone else.  

Every Sunday afternoon, an email will be sent with links to our next Sunday's services or visit our registration page here.


If you are unable to join us on a Sunday in person, we plan to livestream the 9am service to our facebook page our YouTube ChannelYou can also watch the recording any time after it has concluded.

9/1/2020 update

Closure Summary

Although Multnomah County is still in Phase 1 of  the reopening process, churches have been given the green light to meet in groups of up to 50 people. As such, we are aiming to resume in-person services on Sunday, September 13 with 9am and 11am services, along with children and youth programming happening at 11am. Pre-registration will be required. Live-streaming will occur on Facebook and, hopefully, YouTube for the 9am service and may be watched later as well. More details will be coming this week. 

  • Our physical offices are still closed. Staff are working both in person at the office and remotely. We are checking voicemails throughout the day. Reach out if you need something at the church.
  • Sunday morning classes MAY be meeting. Please check with your class leader. 
  • The Food Pantry of Greater Portland is open with new operating procedures. For complete information click here
  • Students may be resuming certain activities this summer. Please check with your leader to find out more. 
  • For other groups and meetings, please contact your leader for information.
March 13 Letter From Pastor Greg and Our Elders

March 13, 2020
Dear Greater Portland Bible Church,

On Thursday evening, March 12, the elders and I discussed what to do in the midst of the spread of the Coronavirus in our region and in our world. We all agreed that we have never faced something like this. I reached out to numerous other churches to gauge what they were doing as well. The discussions centered around the question of, “How can we best love our community and our neighbors?”

The Elder Team then decided that going forward effective immediately we will not be meeting on Sunday mornings for corporate and larger services until we have received word from our local government that large gatherings are safe to gather..

So what does that mean for GPBC in the meantime?

“Helping People”…Our elders and staff are still here to love, care and serve our church and surrounding community. We are currently brainstorming and praying how we can serve our local community during the school and other closures. We want to be the “Church On The Hill” that shines the light of Jesus during this time. This is a time where we can go knock on our neighbors door and ask if we can do any shopping for them or if they need a meal, or to be generous with our rolls of toilet paper.

We also want to help our church community. So if there is anything you need during this time, call us, text us, email us. Do not hesitate to reach out at all. We are here for you. You can find our staff's contact information at and the email for the elders specifically is .

“Follow Jesus”…Our hope is that Small Groups would gather on Sunday mornings in homes with one another. Our sermons over the next few weeks will be prerecorded and posted on our Social Media platforms and through our website on the “Sermons” page at 10:30 am on Sunday mornings. Come together in your communities, make a fun brunch, watch the sermon and discuss topic themes during the coming Sunday mornings. We will continue to Follow Jesus through His word.

“Together”…Instead of isolation, lean into mission and community. Although we will not meet cooperatively, please meet in communities and in your Small Groups. This is a great time to invite neighbors and friends into your homes. This is a time where we can reach out together to those around us and bring them into community from isolation. Gather regularly and let us have hearts of hospitality.

The verses that come to mind during this time are Philippians 4:4-7.

“Rejoice in the Lord always; again I will say, rejoice. Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.”

My prayer for our church is that even when we cannot make sense of it in our minds, the Peace of God will guard our hearts in Christ Jesus.

Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay in community. Stay in Christ.

Love you all,

Pastor Greg