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Sunday Classes 

Adult classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:15am. Their purpose is to exalt Jesus and to keep Him at the center of our lives. Our desire is to equip and encourage people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. It is also an opportunity for people to connect in a smaller setting beyond the large church gathering.

We have ongoing classes that meet throughout the year as well as four to six-week elective classes to help people know Him better, understand and apply the Word to everyday living and to learn life skills for living in the family of Jesus as well as in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and community. 

No registration is necessary for our Sunday classes unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to simply show up any Sunday and give them a try. We certainly hope you do!

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Subversive Sabbath: The Surprising Power of Rest in a Nonstop World

Hosted by Connection Point Class
Taught By Don Westerberg
Deschutes Room
Begins September 15

The issue of stress and anxiety is very pronounced in our society these days. We long for a break to enjoy a time of rest, but perhaps we find ourselves in this predicament because we have missed a concept that is as old and established as the creation week itself. We have ignored the idea of Sabbath. This fall we will pursue a study of this subject through A. J. Swoboda’s book of the same name. His book considers the role that Sabbath plays in the God-ordained rhythm of life, and the gift it is, given to us by the Lord of Time. Come join us as we “rest in the shadow of the Almighty” (Psalm 91:1).

Truth Seekers: Basic Bible for Internationals

Taught By Sherrie Love
Clackamas Room

Truth Seekers is an adult class designed specifically for internationals or those who are unfamiliar with the Bible.

The Gospel of Luke

Hosted by: The Come and See Class
Taught by Dick Middlebrooks
Columbia Room
"... And that repentance for forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all the nations beginning from Jerusalem." Lk. 24:47

This verse shows the heart of Luke's Gospel. Luke, the Gentile physician, presented a logical presentation of the gospel, with a foundation for a intelligent faith built on "exact truth" primarily for the Gentile world. He builds his case on historical facts, eyewitnesses, pictures, types, and prophesies from the Old Testament. There are many beautiful stories found in Luke that are not found anywhere else. I believe you will be greatly blessed by this study, so please join us.

Building Bridges

Taught by John Brunton & Rick Meigs
Portland Room
September 8-October 20

We find ourselves in challenging times and living in a culture that seems unwelcoming to most of what we, as Jesus followers, believe. This makes it difficult to build bridges to our not-yet-Christian neighbors, co-workers, and friends. Building Bridges is a six-week class that will help you expand your horizons of imagination and engagement within our community. Full of practical actions that will help you sow shalom in your cultural backyard.

Relationship Skills for a Healthy Church

Taught by Stephen Ministry Leaders
Willamette Room
September 8-October 20

A healthy church means healthy relationships and those don’t just happen. We invest in them. Join us for a class designed to equip you with the skills to relate better to others. The classes are based on Stephen Ministry curriculum where we look at how Jesus modeled caring and generous relationships. We’ll look at skills like assertiveness, listening, and maintaining healthy boundaries, and we’ll also explore how to relate to hurting people.

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