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Jesus is our Pastor

Posted by Wayne Williams on

At least once a month since last October, I have used this space to comment on the transition of the lead pastor role from myself to Pastor Jay. Are you getting weary of hearing about “The Transition”? I hope not because I still enjoy thinking, talking, and writing about it.

The mechanics of this transition will be completed on Sunday, May 20 when the lead pastor role will be officially handed over to Jay. But please be aware that the relational and emotional aspects of this transition may take much longer. I was surprised and a bit uncomfortable when I was handed the role of lead pastor eight years ago that close friends began calling me “Pastor” instead of “Wayne.” It took some time to adjust. In the same way, each of us and all of us will be making adjustments over the next several months. And be aware that some of those adjustments may be uncomfortable, but don’t be alarmed. Some discomfort is entirely normal in a change process. 

Another reason not to be alarmed is that Jay is a competent and experienced leader. The more I’ve gotten to know him, the more confident I have become that he will lead and shepherd this church well. With the help of our church staff, he has already identified some small changes that will help us better care for our people. I trust him and so can you. 

Of course, the real reason not to be alarmed is that the true Senior Pastor of this church is none other than Jesus himself. The elders, pastors, and leaders of this church are seeking His will and are in submission to him. I have watched as he has directed, shaped, and moved us to be the healthy church we are today. He will take us where he wants us to go and it will be good! I trust him and so can you. 

See you Sunday,




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