Worship Times

Community Worship Gatherings

We will not be meeting in person on Sunday mornings for  services until after Multnomah County reaches Phase 2. See our full COVID-19 update here.

When we are able to meet in person...

Sundays - 9:15am Classes

10:30am Worship Gathering

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Greater Portland Bible Church is a group of diverse people from all walks of life who have agreed to center their lives on Jesus. Once a week we get together to express the unity we have in Jesus through singing, praying, hearing, and responding to how God’s story intersects our own. We meet at 10:30am every Sunday morning. Whether you consider yourself a follower of Jesus or not, you are welcome to join us as we gather to worship God, continually learning what it means to be God’s people and let Him change us into a community that reflects the heart of God by our actions…for the benefit of the world.

9:15am is our class hour where everyone in our community, from infants on up, meet to connect, learn and grow. A rotating selection of elective and ongoing classes are available for the adult community and children have the opportunity to learn and respond to God's story in an age appropriate way for both the 9:15am and 10:30am hours.  

At 10:30am, youth and adults come together for our worship gathering in the auditorium. 

Sunday's Worship Playlist

Listen to the worship song set for Sunday's gathering. 

Community Sundays

In ancient Jewish culture, all children and adults participated in seven festivals every year where they were able to enjoy the broader community. At Greater Portland, four times a year all children and youth programs are closed so that families have an opportunity to worship together in the larger community. Please join us for the next Community Sunday. There are no 9:15am classes for children on Community Sundays.

Community Sundays for 2020:

  • February 23
  • June 7
  • August 30
  • November 22