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Sunday Classes 

Adult classes meet on Sunday mornings at 9:00am. Their purpose is to exalt Jesus and to keep Him at the center of our lives. Our desire is to equip and encourage people to become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ. It is also an opportunity for people to connect in a smaller setting beyond the large church gathering.

We have ongoing classes that meet throughout the year as well as four to six-week elective classes to help people know Him better, understand and apply the Word to everyday living and to learn life skills for living in the family of Jesus as well as in our homes, neighborhoods, workplaces and community. 

No registration is necessary for our Sunday classes unless otherwise noted. You are welcome to simply show up any Sunday and give them a try. We certainly hope you do!

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The Problem of Pain

Hosted by Connection Point Class
January 3-March 28
Taught By Don Westerberg
Deschutes Room

For most of us 2020 was a year “for the books,” as far as facing unique and often painful challenges. Some of us lost jobs, relationships, and even loved ones. But God was faithful in seeing us through those times and continues to sustain us and bring hope for something better, if not in this next year, certainly in the light of his coming.

Though all belief systems must somehow account for suffering and pain, Christianity’s claim of an omnipotent and righteous God, has often left us open to the charge that these two tenets seem at odds, when it comes to the existence of pain in the world. C.S. Lewis, an Oxford and Cambridge professor of a previous generation, who spent much of his adult life as an atheist skeptic, tackles this topic as a Christian laymen in his book, The Problem of Pain. It was one of his most requested topics on his frequent speaking circuits. As a class, we will avail ourselves of this brother’s insight as well as look to Scripture to wrestle with this pertinent topic. I look forward to walking through this time together.

The Gospel of Luke

Hosted by: The Come and See Class
Taught by Dick Middlebrooks
Mt. Bachelor/Mt. Hood Room; 9:30am

"... And that repentance for forgiveness of sins should be proclaimed in His name to all the nations beginning from Jerusalem." Lk. 24:47

This verse shows the heart of Luke's Gospel. Luke, the Gentile physician, presented a logical presentation of the gospel, with a foundation for a intelligent faith built on "exact truth" primarily for the Gentile world. He builds his case on historical facts, eyewitnesses, pictures, types, and prophesies from the Old Testament. There are many beautiful stories found in Luke that are not found anywhere else. I believe you will be greatly blessed by this study, so please join us.

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