Men Made Strong*

*The Men Made Strong study is on pause. Please check back for further information about a restart date.

A Study in 2 Corinthians
Wednesdays at 7am
Clackamas Room

Men, join this expositional study of II Corinthians. The thread that we see woven throughout the letter is “strength." Paul wrote this letter while under duress from Jewish and Greek opponents who attacked his character and his ministry. In a very personal way, he shared with his reader the source of his "strength" and how he came about to understand where this "strength came from."

The study itself is of an interactive nature. Study lessons are provided to give men the opportunity to dig deep into the meaning of each lesson, or section of Paul’s letter. During the study time each week we will have the opportunity to learn together by sharing what God’s Spirit has revealed to us in our personal study.

We will begin our first resumed session with an overview of what has been studied thus far to bring into context where we will pick up. All those who have already studied with us or would like to jump in now are welcome.

Come and join in this adventure of coming to know His strength and how it is revealed in our lives. No advance registration is necessary.

Questions? Contact Dave McLaren at 503.636.2815.

Men of Service

Are you a man of action? Do you have the spiritual gift of helps? Join other men who lead through service, responding to the real needs of our church and body in practical and hands-on ways.  John Muirhead has a team of guys he calls up when needs arise. When available, those guys join him for projects ranging from helping a family move, to painting a classroom, to a maintenance project or yardwork. Typically, projects are scheduled on Saturday mornings, with only an occasional weekday evening. Text, call or email John and let him know you’d like  to sweat in service to the King of kings at 503.806.4604 or .