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Kids Day Camp

Posted by Sally Bland on

Next week we have an amazing opportunity to reach beyond the walls of GPBC and bring the gospel to kids in the Southwest Portland community! We will be partnering with Missio and Riversgate to host Kids Day Camp—a fun and engaging week of VBS. Throughout the week, we will focus on God’s redemptive plan as seen in the Bible and how that plan involves and impacts our lives today! We are excited to see how God will transform the hearts and minds of the campers at Kids Day Camp!

 Our journey starts on Monday in Genesis 2 and 3. We will discover that God created man to be in perfect relationship with Him and how that relationship was shattered after Adam and Eve chose to disobey God. We’ll finish the day learning that God promised to make a way to restore our relationship with Him so we would not be separated from Him forever.

 On Tuesday, we take a deeper look into God’s redemptive plan by examining the covenant He established with His people through Abraham (Genesis 12 and 15). We also learn that we can become part of God’s family when we love and follow Him. On Wednesday, we explore how God is always in control as He leads the Israelites into the Promised Land—God was with Joshua and He is with us too (Joshua 1-4)! God is in control, and He is the source of our courage and strength, so we can have faith and trust Him every day and in every way!

 Thursday is the BIG DAY! WE GET TO SHARE HOW JESUS IS THE PROMISE!!! All week builds up to this big reveal…that through Jesus’ loving sacrifice our sins are washed away, and we are given the choice to be with God forever! We look at Matthew 21–28 and learn that Jesus is the promised Redeemer, the One who heals our broken relationship with God. After hearing about God’s love, there will be a time for campers to respond to God by deciding to follow Jesus!

 Finally, on Friday we learn the good news of God’s redemption and look at how the good news spread in the early church in Acts 2–8! After this awesome week of learning about God and connecting with Him, we will gather together with campers, their families and volunteers to celebrate how God touched the hearts of each and every one of us through Kids Day Camp!

 Thank you to everyone who signed up to volunteer, so we can bring Kids Day Camp to our community! We have volunteers from each church joining together as we look forward to God impacting families in SW Portland! Haven’t signed up to help yet? Can’t come into GPBC to serve? No problem! We need prayer warriors to pray throughout the week that the Holy Spirit will transform the hearts and minds of the kids, volunteers, and families at Kids Day Camp. I look forward to sharing with you the stories of how God has worked through VBS and SW Church Together!

 God Bless,

Sally Bland


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