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The Next Chapter

Posted by Wayne Williams on

This week we have turned the page on the next chapter in the life of Greater Portland Bible Church. The next lead pastor, Jay Gjurgevich, is on-site and eagerly engaging the steep learning curve of the culture and structures of our community. After working together for just these first few days, my prediction is that you are going to like him more and more in the months and years ahead. I certainly hope that you will be as responsive and appreciative to Jay as you have been, and still are, to me. I’ve already warned him that he’s just going to have to get used to this church taking good care of him and his family.

Perhaps a reminder about the role of ‘Lead Pastor’ at our church would be helpful. At GPBC the Lead Pastor is the leader of the pastoral team. He is not the boss of the church. It is not just marketing when we say that Jesus is the boss of this church, the true and only Senior Pastor, and the chief Shepherd of this part of his flock. And within our collaborative, team-oriented style of ministry, it is imperative that all of our leaders (pastors, elders, directors, small group leaders, ministry team leaders, and more) be sensitive, responsive, and obedient to the leading of the Spirit of Jesus.

On Sunday, Pastor Jay will be introducing the next sermon series entitled, The Rest. Over the next several weeks we will be exploring the different elements of what it means to be ‘resting’ in the Lord as we move fully into the next chapter of our life together. One of the things I’m sure we will learn, is that we can all be so confident of Jesus’ loving plan for our church that we are all, not just the leaders, sensitive, responsive, and obedient to his leading. Please don’t miss this inaugural series.


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Mitch Lea Feb 27, 2018 11:49am

This is another wonderful way you lead our church. Your wisdom and guidance is so evident. Thank you for your continued leadership during this transition and as we proceed forward. I know you will always share your leadership and love for all of us.