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Small Groups: Helping people follow Jesus together

Together is the best way to live and grow as followers of Jesus. Jesus called us to follow him and to love and serve the people he puts in our lives. Our small groups are where people can connect and build deeper, Christ-centered relationships and serve together. Groups are made up of many different types of people and may have different areas of focus, but all are committed to the mission of living out the gospel of Jesus. If you are ready to find a small group, please let us know by completing the form below. You may also contact Jack Won for help finding a small group.

Life groups meet in homes or at the church to share the journey of the Jesus life. Often the groups will share a meal and have times of prayer, Bible study, encouragement and service together. Many groups are open to various ages and stages of life, while some are focused for men, women, or young adults.

Support groups form when a group of people is going through a common trial and could use the support and encouragement of others on similar journeys. Stay tuned for future support groups.

If you are interested in forming another type of support group, contact our small group coordinator, Jack Won

Women's small groups meet on the Greater Portland campus on Tuesday mornings (9:30 to 11:30am) and evenings (6:30 to 8:30pm) during the school year. Click here for more information or contact Kathy Anderson or Betty Lea for morning groups or Crystal Livingston for evening groups.


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