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Weekly Parent Email (12/4/20)

Posted by Sally Bland on

I hope your family is doing well as you are celebrating the Advent season together! This week in Children’s Ministry we will learn how God gave Jacob a new name after Jacob wrestled with Him (Genesis 31-32). If you are unable to attend in-person service, you can find the video lesson online anytime on our Kids and Families Resource Page, on our Greater Portland Bible Church App or on Sunday morning at 8 AM on the GP Kids Facebook Group page. 

 Jacob did not win the wrestling match by strength; God proved His power by crippling Jacob with just one touch. Jacob won the wrestling match by confessing his dependence on God’s blessing. Jacob held onto God and would not let Him go. God wants us to cling onto Him just like Jacob did, no matter what we might be facing. You will find fun activity pages attached to this email for your children to help them engage with the Big God Story. I pray your family puts their trust into Jesus and holds on tight to our loving, powerful, and amazing God! I hope to see you soon.

God Bless,
Sally Bland


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