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A Dream Fulfilled

Posted by Crystal Livingston on

For a very long time I’ve longed to be a mom, but it has not yet happened. Over the years, I’ve investigated many different options, most of which either didn’t feel right or the door didn’t open to them, until one day a new avenue was presented to me. Only after much research, asking, seeking and knocking on the door did this unexpected option begin to take shape. This path toward motherhood I’ve chosen is not easy. It’s incredibly hard and easy to lose hope, to see that my dreams could go up in smoke at any moment. I’m learning to continually look to Jesus who gives me the strength, provision, and courage to move forward. Every time I look to Him, He encourages me, and so I want to share with you what has been encouraging me of late. 

Proverbs 13:12 (The Passion Translation) says, “When hope’s dream seems to drag on and on, the delay can be depressing. But when at last your dream comes true, life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul.”

I love this verse for many reasons. One of the main reasons is because that’s how I felt. With the delays in motherhood came depression, anger, and even loss of hope. “It’s just not fair,” I often cried aloud. Every day I asked, “Will this ever happen? Could I even see the goodness of God through all this?” And I found that I could answer honestly, “Yes, I could see the goodness of God.” That realization helped me look to Him and not my situation, drawing me out of depression and anger, and restoring hope. 

There is a promise in this verse as well: “When at last your dream comes true, life’s sweetness will satisfy your soul.” Despite all the disappointment, changes, and heartbreaks, when you get what you hope for there will be joy! The joy is sweeter because it came in God’s timing, and it’s good. You’ll see that it was all worth it! 

I know that the holidays can be a depressing time for many, especially when you see someone attain what you desire; their child turning to Jesus, an engagement or baby announcement, maybe a wedding or a new job. These things can make you feel like you will never get what you long for. Don’t give up! We see a great example of this in the Bible with the disciples.   When Jesus died, the disciples lost all hope and were devastated because what they had hoped for was gone. Then Jesus rose from the dead and appeared to them. Their hope was restored, and Jesus adjusted their dreams, just slightly; their lives were sweeter because their soul was satisfied. 

What about you? Do you have a desire that seems to be heading to the grave because it looks like it will not happen? Don't give up! Instead, continually seek out Jesus by Asking, Seeking, and Knocking (continue to  ASK). I’m in the middle of my journey toward motherhood. I’m learning that it may not be exactly the way I thought it would happen, just like the disciples with Jesus’ mission here on earth. But the path/way that God chooses will be better than what I could ever imagine, even if it changes or comes in unexpected ways.  

Romans 15:13 has been a great encouragement to me; I even turned it into a prayer, and so this is my prayer for you. I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in Him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit. In Jesus’ name. Amen.


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Jane Lewis Nov 25, 2022 1:17pm

Sweet Crystal, thank you for sharing your heart's desire, your journey, and your hope and trust in God and in His ways and His timing. May you be blessed as you have blessed others with your honesty, vulnerability, and of course, your love for God. Hugs! Jane