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Rock of Significance

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Sometimes journaling seems like one more thing to do on an already busy day. But it can be interesting to look beyond today and consider that what we write today could be viewed by and serve as an inspiration to others. After all, Jesus encourages us in Mark 5:19 to, "Go home to your own people...

Back-Breaking Joy

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It is said that the Bible references “joy” 430 times, while “happiness” is referenced only ten times. Not only are joy and happiness not the same, but there are people who apparently count this sort of thing! Happiness is a human emotion to a happy circumstance while joy...



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By Gina Smith-- I have a co-worker who has a four year old daughter named Eleanor who is precious and precocious. One of my favorite Eleanor stories is when when my coworker told me he walked into the living room and Eleanor was sitting on the couch. She was alone and she was crying. Alarmed...