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Endings and Beginnings

Posted by John Brunton on

I always enjoy our Global Partnership (GP) Emphasis each year; the guest speakers, the testimonies of our community members who faithfully pledge support to our Global Partners, the Skype sessions with some of our GPs and just knowing that our community makes supporting them a priority. It’s also a joyful time when the Emphasis is over and we get to observe the Holy Spirit moving in and through our community as we generously and faithfully make pledges for the new fiscal year’s budget. We set a goal this year of $150,000 which would be about a 9% increase from the current year. This would allow us to give some cost-of-living raises and be in a position to possibly support an additional GP. Currently we have just under $105,000 from 64 pledges. Thank you! If you haven’t turned in a pledge card would you make it a priority to do so as soon as possible? The GP Team is unable to submit a budget to our Elders for their approval until we have everyone’s pledges. As was stated several times during the Emphasis, the challenge to our community is 100% involvement regardless of the pledge amount.

The staff at GPBC has been going through a book by Peter Scazzero called The Emotionally Healthy Leader. We recently covered the chapter on Endings and New Beginnings and how to do both well. As I move out of the role as GP Director and David Smith steps into it, we have an opportunity to put into practice those things which will hopefully result in a good and seamless transition. You have been so faithful and supportive of the GP Team and our Global Partners and I am confident you will continue to be so with David, Heather Murray, Sheila Michaelson, Troy Ready, Rick Meigs, Kye Kircher and Judy Pinkerton as the GP Team going forward. Thank you for your wonderful support, your faithful giving and the loving care you constantly show our Global Partners. We have two months left in this fiscal budget year. Let’s make sure we finish strongly both in prayer and with our finances so that more people, both locally and around the world, will be introduced to Jesus Christ.


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