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God is Working Around the World

Posted by Sally Bland on

By Sally Bland--

“People will come from east and west and north and south and will take their places at the feast in the kingdom of God.”
– Luke 13:29

I love this time of year when we at GPBC celebrate how God is working around the world through our global partners! It’s so easy to focus on our little part of God’s big mission and forget that He is doing amazing things all over the world to help people know Jesus. Listening to our global partners share the good work that God is doing allows us to celebrate and worship God as He intended us to, as one big church—God’s church!

Next week, GPBC will send a team from our faith community overseas to support, encourage, and serve our global partners. I am very honored to be a part of that team. Every time I travel outside my ministry bubble, God opens my eyes to how He is moving throughout the world, allowing my faith to grow, and inspiring me to continue to serve Him here in Portland. While not everyone from GPBC is able to travel with the team, your support (both financial and in prayer) is critical. Thank you to everyone who financially supported the team. I am happy to report that we are fully funded!

As we prepare to leave, would you be willing to pray for us and the global partners we are visiting? We would love prayer for safe travel, health, and above all, that we will be able to love, support, and encourage our global partners. Serving God overseas can be trying; we want all our global partners know that we stand with them, that they are not alone!

Thank you GPBC family for showing love to our global partners! I hope you enjoy the next two weeks as we continue to hear from our global partners and celebrate how God is working through them to help people all over the world grow closer to Jesus!


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