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Lessons From a Baby

Posted by Tyler Marple on

Hey GPBC, thanks for letting me drop into your inbox and jump on the newsletter & blog. As some of you may know, Kelsey and I welcomed our daughter (and first kiddo) Hadley back in February. Most of our life now seems to be wrapped up in caring for and raising this little girl – so you best believe I’m going to share some quick thoughts on that!

These last five months have been an absolute joy in every way possible. It’s also been one of the most exhausting seasons of our lives together, as you can probably imagine or have experienced first-hand.

In some ways, parenthood has been exactly what I expected: sleepless nights, an endless supply of diapers, Hadley having us wrapped around her finger already, etc. But in more ways, it’s not at all what I expected. Caring for and raising a baby is tough work, but it’s also amazing to watch how God has created and is sustaining this new life right in front of our very eyes. In that sense, parenthood has taught me so much more about God’s provision than I ever could have imagined.

Hadley’s world right now is eat, sleep, play. That’s it! She doesn’t carry the worries of work, the obligations of social calendars, the stress of financial burdens, or the uncertainty of the future that most of us can get wrapped up in. She just simply lives each day as it comes. And God keeps growing her, sustaining her, and providing for her. While she isn’t necessarily aware of this reality, Kelsey and I get to watch and experience that truth every single day. Now, does that truth seem very evident when we are exhausted or trying to negotiate with a five-month-old about going down for a nap/bedtime? Maybe not so much. But in the moments of stillness and calm, the evidence of God’s provision is on full display.

It sounds simple, but in the moments where we can just take a step back and realize that God is literally growing this tiny human in front of us, we are blown away by His goodness as Creator and Sustainer. Despite our questions and our inexperience as parents, God is still working. Despite our exhaustion and our never-ending quest for a full night’s sleep, God is still working. And despite the times that we don’t feel it or perceive it, God is still working. What a gift that is.

We’re excited to continue to watch Hadley grow, learn, and become who God has created her to be. And we’re so grateful to be walking alongside this community while that happens. See you around, friends!


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