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Prepare Him Room

Posted by Jane Lewis on

Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room
Greetings to you in the glorious name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. May you find in this very moment, a filling of His loving presence in your heart.
Christmastime is here and the season beckons, calling us out to pay attention. What is it this year, right now, that is beckoning to you the most? Is it the true joy in celebrating the Christ child coming to earth to redeem and restore us to God Himself? Or is it the beckoning of busyness of the real or imagined expectations of the season? Is it hardships, health issues, relationships, sadness, regrets, lost dreams, or the state our community or our world is in? What is it that might be taking up so much space in our minds and hearts this Christmas season and thereby hindering our ability to prepare Him room and experience the joy of Christ’s birth? I wonder.
Preparing for Christmas can turn into so many things. It can turn into a mountain of busyness trying to do so much for everyone, trying to make things as perfect as possible. Stressing, fretting, trying to meet expectations, both our own and then those others place on us. We find every minute caught up in doing, or in thinking about the doing. It can also turn into a time of despair. Despairing what was and is no more, or in what “should be” and isn’t. We can focus on broken relationships or those that aren’t what we want them to be. It can turn into focusing on the sadness of loss. Losses that are real and even enhanced at this time of year because it’s supposed to be a time of joy and celebration. There can be deep-felt grief that can feel overwhelming, all encompassing, blocking out any joy from entering in. Loneliness can creep in. Anger can rear its head and attempt to blind us to everything else. So where is the joy in this season that is supposed to be joyful? How do we find the joy Christ’s birth is supposed to represent when we’re in the midst of the joylessness that can be our daily struggle? What do we do? Especially when it’s hard? Especially when it hurts? Especially when we feel alone in the deepest recesses of our soul?
We prepare Him room. This Christmas season, for this Christmas moment, I’m trying to let more of Jesus in than anything or anyone else. I’m wanting my heart to prepare Him room. Prepare my heart by focusing on His Word, His coming to earth for me (for you). Focusing on His love, His sovereignty, His mercy, His forgiveness, His grace. His presence. Preparing Him room means clearing out the clutter of my mind and heart and opening up that space for Him; space to embrace the gift that is Him.
“Oh Father God, please help me clear out all that keeps me from experiencing Your love and the joy of Your gift this Christmas. Help me prepare room to celebrate the gift of Jesus, Your Son and our Savior. Life can be so hard this side of heaven. It can be so hurtful and disappointing. But with You, it can also be good, rich, deep, and fulfilling. So please, in this very moment, and in all the Christmas moments to come, help me be able to keep room in my heart for the joy of Jesus—even if it’s in the midst of the sad, in the midst of the struggle, in the midst of the confusion and concerns of my heart. As long as I make room for Him to be there with me, I can find joy. The joy that is eternal, the joy that is You. Thank You for the indescribable gift of Your Son. In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.”
Won’t you join me? For this Christmas season, let’s prepare room for the One who prepared a way for us to be with Him forever. Let’s celebrate in the midst of the hard; for the hard will eventually pass, but His love and His abundance is forever. Let us bask in the ultimate gift that is Jesus, our Savior—your Savior. You are loved so deeply, so completely. Please don’t let circumstances short-circuit that truth for you. Prepare Him room. Open yourselves up to experience Him first, and see what He will do to bring the true meaning of Christmas into your heart regardless of circumstances. Listen!  Do you hear the beckoning?
Joy to the world, the Lord is come, let earth receive her King. Let every heart prepare Him room
This writer understands that there may be some of us in our community who are experiencing such an emotional torrential life storm right now, that it’s nearly impossible to disengage from the pain and struggles to even think of preparing room for anything else. If that is your reality right now and you would like someone to come alongside you at this time, please reach out to our church’s Stephen Ministry Team.  We are here to help you one-on-one to process your pain and struggle. We are here to listen, to be Jesus to you. You are His treasure. You do not have to go it alone.  You may contact Stephen Ministry either via the church office at (503) 452-9375, or email us at  .


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Leslie Dec 9, 2022 12:21pm

Thanks jane! Just what I needed to read and start doing!

Dick Dec 9, 2022 3:02pm

I so love you Jane
Thank you for the good word.

Mitch Lea Dec 9, 2022 4:00pm

This is so beautiful. Your expression of feelings is masterful. I loved you blog. The way you added the SM piece was very well done. Thank you for blessing us with your gift!!