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Serving Around the World

Posted by Judy Pinkerton on

I LOVE GPBC! I don’t mean to brag, but our church family is so caring and generous, it blows me away! 

I am part of the Global Partners Team, so when our Partners Dan and Eva Anderson, who are in Spain, expressed a need of sewing supplies for a new project at the Friendship House, I asked the women’s Bible study if they might have common sewing things they would be willing to donate. This group of about 45 women supplied 50 pounds of supplies- ALL of the items on the list Dan gave us! 

I’m so glad GPBC is a body that listens to Christ’s words telling us to “go to the ends of the earth, with the good news of the gospel.” 

Because we are sharing about Jesus, refugees in the Middle East are experiencing Jesus’ love in practical ways: food, shelter and clothing. We have seen lives lifted out of prostitution and drug abuse in South Africa. In Spain, North African families are being helped to assimilate into a new culture and language. Here in the US, ALPHA is teaching and evangelizing. We are also serving in Panama, the Philippines, and India. Disciples are being trained to go out in Russia through the ministry of Tim Robnett. 

These are the ones who have answered the call of God to go out into the field; out of the safety and comfort of our country. It is these fellow brothers and sisters who God is calling us to support. During Global Emphasis, we ask our community to participate and give toward our Global Partner’s budget. This is a separate budget from the general fund.  

However, it is not only financially we support these dear ones! Prayer is a major, constant need for those out in the field. That is why we have prepared the Global Partners Booklet listing each partner, their ministry and their specific prayer requests. I hope you use them to pray daily. 

Let’s keep in mind, however, that it is not just those who have “been sent out” who have been commissioned by Christ. We are ALL God’s ambassadors. As Ray Rendon said two weeks ago, we are called to those folks living in our neighborhood or in the cubicle next to ours at work. All of them should be seeing the spirit of Jesus through us. We don’t have to “preach”, but if we love the way Jesus loves us, we share the great gift He has given us---eternal salvation.

Psalm 116:16 says, “O Lord, I am your servant, born into Your household. You have freed me from my chains.”  

Would we not want to share that joy with others?  

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