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The Environment of Identity

Posted by Sally Bland on

What environments does God use to invite transformation in your life? Throughout the year, our Children’s Ministry program highlights ten environments as we seek to ignite a transforming faith in the families of our community. This month our focus is on the environment of Identity. This environment reminds us who we are in Christ as we boldly state, “I belong to God, and He loves me!”

When I was growing up, I wrestled with my self-worth as the world told me I would never measure up. Today I see similar spiritual battles in my children as they learn how to walk with God in a world that continues to deny Him. When Isaac and Violet struggle under the weight of the counter-identities the world labels them with, I remind them of who they truly are—beloved children of God! They know God, the Creator of Heaven and Earth, loves them and they belong to Him, not the world! This truth allows them to stand firm against the destructive counter-identities that the world offers. What counter-identities are you struggling with? As you seek your true identity, I encourage you to read Ephesians 1 to discover how you are chosen, adopted, redeemed, and given an inheritance in Christ!

Recently, we have updated the upstairs hallway near the Elementary department to highlight the ten environments used to cultivate space for the Holy Spirit to transform. I invite you to tour the upstairs hallway to learn more about these environments. I also encourage you to pick up the March issue of the HomeFront Magazine (located in the church lobby and by the children’s classes) to see how you can emphasize the environment of Identity in your home.

This Sunday, Pastor Jay will focus us on Seeking God in Prayer as we continue our sermon series, The Rest. I pray God brings you rest as He reminds you that you belong to Him and He loves you. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday.

God Bless!


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