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The Meaning of the Blog

Posted by Joyce Wachsmuth on

A couple of months ago I encouraged someone in our community to read the blog in our e-newsletter. This person said, “We have a blog?” I was surprised at her answer, but I realized there may be others who don’t know we have a blog. We need to communicate through other medias that we have a blog. So, why do we write a blog in our newsletter every week?

A few years back, I shared about how the word “blog” came to be used. According to, the term ‘blog’ is the evolved term coined by Peter Merholz in 1999. It’s not an acronym…it’s a colloquialism. It comes from the conjoined term web and log as in “weblog”, coined by Jom Barger on December 17, 1997. Then, it evolved into simply blog by Peter Merholz in 1999. Jom Barger originally used “weblog” to describe what he was doing on the website, robotwisdom. So, today blogs are widely used on websites as an excellent tool for communication and as a church we use it, too!

We have different people in our community write a blog weekly to personally communicate with you what is on their heart. Our blogs hopefully give you a glimpse into the lives of people serving the Lord in our community, as well as their passions for the different areas of ministry. Personally, before writing a blog, I ask the Lord for wisdom on what He wants me to write about. Truthfully, at times I’m not really sensing a direction, but He always comes through with something that is on my heart, and it really surprises me. So, here goes…
First of all, I am very pleased and excited with the transition and process of having our new pastor, Jay, and his wife, Katie, and their precious children: Kylie, Brooklyn, Peyton and Lincoln. It seems natural and the unity in the body is being experienced through the Holy Spirit. Let’s continue to pray for this transition. I have appreciated the sermon series of “The Rest” beginning with Jay’s first message to abide as well as the message on prayer and Wayne’s message on confession. If you have missed any of these messages you can go on our website and listen to the podcasts.

Secondly, doing the Experiencing God Bible study by Henry Blackaby in the women’s morning group is again life changing for me. I did it over ten years ago, but today, with the different circumstances that I am facing, I realize that God is always working around me; that He is constantly pursuing a love relationship with me; that he invites me to become involved with Him in His work; that he speaks to me by the Holy Spirit through His Word, prayer, circumstances and through the church; this always leads me to a crisis of belief; and requires faith and action that will require obedience and adjustments in my life. Wow, right!

I’m glad we are on this journey together as a community so we can help each other grow more in love with Jesus every day.

See you Sunday,



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