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The Most Exciting Thing

Posted by Tanner Woolf on

It is obvious to most that we have had an incredibly busy season here in Ignite Student Ministries. From October to the New Year we have participated in Pumpkin Slam, Christmas parties, celebrated our leaders, Winterfest, and our students have had one of the busiest seasons they’ve ever had through school, sports, music, and other activities. I need a nap after just thinking about all of it! We’ve just gone through one of the most joy filled, exciting seasons of the year and have been digging into a series about our own identity in Christ all at the same time.

 Now what? What do we do now? After catapulting all of the pumpkins, eating all of the food, giving and opening all of the gifts, sliding on the ice, somersaulting through laser tag, and all of the performances and competitions our students go to, what is there to be excited about now?

 Answer: Jesus

 At the start of the New Year we dived right into our new series through the book of Mark. The book of Mark isn’t just a bunch of random stories about Jesus, but was written to address very specific questions about who Jesus is. Everyone thought the Messiah would be this Savior King with a sword on a horse that would come down and save the Israelites from the Roman Empire. Jesus was the Messiah, but he came in a way that no one expected. He was the Messiah that came and had up close, and personal encounters by loving and serving those around Him. Here’s what we can be excited about during this next season: He is still having up close, and personal encounters with us today.

 Through this next semester for our students we get to really focus in on who Jesus is and how we encounter Him in our everyday lives. In the classroom, at home, when we’re alone, when we’re with others, when we’re happy, when we’re not, He’s there. When we let Jesus get up close, and personal with us it can be uncomfortable, but there is nothing like the joy of being up close, and personal with our Messiah King.

 I don’t know what you may have started for your Bible reading this year, but I would love it if at some point in the next couple months you read through the book of Mark with us and prayed for our students. Through Jesus, this is going to be one of the most exciting times of the year for Ignite!


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