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The Pantry of Greater Portland

Posted by Janice Fry on

There are many references to and about the poor in the bible.  Many of the references are about always having poor in this world. In Luke 11:41 it indicates that being generous to the poor can be an indication of what is happening on the inside of us.

Many of the Shoppers (the community that comes on Saturday) have told me how thankful they are for our Pantry. One of the Shoppers told me he is on a fixed income. He was not unhappy about his income unless something unexpected happened then he wouldn’t have enough money for his expenses. With being able to come to our pantry for food he can use what funds he would have to spend on food for emergencies. He sees the Pantry as a way of meeting his needs. Another Shopper told me that they had a lot of medical expenses but because they were able to come to the pantry they used what funds they would have spent on food to pay off their debt. Another Shopper has become a part of one of the Saturday teams and found friendship, community and sobriety.

The Pantry is a way of reaching out to the community with the love of Jesus. We could use those willing to pray for and with Shoppers for their needs. Someone with the gift of evangelism would also be a welcomed addition to the Pantry.

The Pantry of Greater Portland has existed about 16 years. On an average week we serve about 100 families. This includes the community served on Saturday, volunteer workers on Saturday, and the volunteers during the week. The community served on Saturday averages about 75-80 per week. During an average month about 60 people volunteer in some capacity whether it is picking up donations, sorting food, to distributing food on Saturday.  We pick up food donations from Trader Joe’s in Lake Oswego Wednesday through Saturday, Fred Meyer in Tigard on Friday and Saturday and Winco in Tigard on Friday and Saturday. If you are interested in working in the pantry please speak to one of the team leaders.

The Team Leaders are:

Wednesday-Janice Fry

Thursday-Mary Ellen Adler

Friday- Janice Fry

1st Saturday-Joyce Wachsmuth

2nd Saturday-Jenine Wetherald and Philp Foster

3rd Saturday-Mary Ellen Adler and Kathy Anderson

4th Saturday-Janice Fry and Jenine Wetherald

Manager of Trader Joe’s drivers-Mary Ellen Adler

Manager of Fred Meyer/Winco drivers-Judy Pinkerton

I have been the director of the pantry for the last 8 years. I can see how Jesus has gifted and equipped me to work in the pantry. I love working in the pantry as it helps me to have an appropriate perspective of life meaning that I need to trust Jesus daily for all aspects needed for the pantry and to see others as Jesus sees them. James 2 tells us to value all people especially the poor. I have seen Jesus answer many prayers and work things out better than I could have imagined it. Many of the workers have confirmed that they also see Jesus working in and through the pantry.

 Janice Fry

Director of The Pantry of Greater Portland

Serving the community on Saturdays at 1:30pm


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Caris Nov 9, 2018 6:56pm

I'm so encouraged by what God is doing in people's lives as you join Him in feeding those He loves. Thanks so much for the update!!

John M. Nov 12, 2018 5:38pm

Thank you Janice for all you do! You are one awesome Lady, I love serving with you!