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We Have the Spirit and Mind of Christ

Posted by Janet Nordlund on

It’s Community Sunday!!! We get to be all together as one big faith family to remember and celebrate Jesus. Yippee! Anybody REMEMBER hearing these words lately?

What you'll get is the Holy Spirit. And when the Holy Spirit comes on you, you will be able to be my witnesses in Jerusalem, all over Judea and Samaria, even to the ends of the world."  Acts 1:8 The Message

Just like the brand-new church in Acts, our church has been reminded during our Greater series of the phenomenal truth that the Holy Spirit is INSIDE of us and fills us so God can send us on mission everyday as “little living Jesus people.” Every day, we get to carry the personal invitation of God within us and witness with our lives to who Jesus is and who He wants to be for all people. That is something to CELEBRATE!!

"The Spirit, not content to flit around on the surface, dives into the depths of God, and brings out what God planned all along. Who ever knows what you’re thinking and planning except you yourself? The same with God—except that he not only knows what he’s thinking, but he lets us in on it. God offers a full report on the gifts of life and salvation that he is giving us. We don’t have to rely on the world’s guesses and opinions. We didn’t learn this by reading books or going to school; we learned it from God, who taught us person-to-person through Jesus, and we’re passing it on to you in the same firsthand, personal way...Spirit can be known only by spirit—God’s Spirit and our spirits in open communion. Spiritually alive, we have access to everything God’s Spirit is doing… Isaiah’s question, “Is there anyone around who knows God’s Spirit, anyone who knows what he is doing?” has been answered: Christ knows, and we have Christ’s Spirit.”                                                1 Cor 2:10-16 The Message

If we want to Help People Follow Jesus Together, a key component of how we do this is by daily seeking the Spirit and Mind of Christ within us to lead us, fill us, course correct us, inspire us with ideas, with words, with actions, with prayers as we follow and invite others to follow Jesus.

Doesn’t Isaiah’s question quoted in 1 Corinthians feel as relevant today as it did then?

Is there anyone around who knows God’s Spirit, anyone who knows what He is doing?”

YES!! Christ knows and WE have the Mind and Spirit of Christ. 

This Sunday we will seek the Mind and Spirit of Christ together, individually and collectively, as Jesus’ church through prayer, worship, connection, Bible reading, celebration of our student graduates and the sharing of a meal.   

We can’t wait!

Your Community Sunday Team


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