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Could Stephen Ministry Help Me?

Caring, Stephen Ministry | by Steve Muir

If you’ve been part of GPBC for a while, you probably know we have a Stephen Ministry program. But you may have questions about Stephen Ministry, such as: “Would what I am going through be a good situation for having a Stephen Minister?” or “What does a Stephen Minister do?” or “If I have Stephen Minister, will what I say be kept confidential?” Some may wonder: "What is Stephen Ministry?" To help answer these and other questions, I would like you to read about someone who received care from a Stephen Minister. Following is an interview between a Stephen Ministry leader and someone who received such care who wanted to share how she was helped because of that relationship. The person who received care wanted to remain anonymous, so the fictitious name of “Megan” was used in the interview.

Megan's Story

If you would like to learn more about Stephen Ministry at GPBC or would like to meet with a Stephen Minister and share what’s going on in your life in a safe, compassionate, grace-based way, call the church office , email us at , or connect personally with one of the following Stephen Leaders: Mary Muir, Steve Muir, Mitch Lea, or Doug Hyde and ask for more information about it.