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Having CHOICE in Senior Care -- Audio Presentation

Aging | by Naomi Slater

    There’s a lot to consider when selecting housing and care options for yourself or a loved one as they age. In fact, the options, decisions, and emotions of it all can feel positively overwhelming. In this seminar, Naomi Slater offers her experience and resources to this critical topic, providing hope and next steps for individuals or families facing these looming care decisions.

    Click to listen: Having CHOICE in Senior Care

    This presentation was offered on April 8, 2017 at Greater Portland Bible Church as part of the Aging Well and Planning For the Future seminars. 

    Naomi Slater is a Senior Housing & Care Advisor with CHOICE Advisory Services. CHOICE provides personalized referrals for senior housing, senior care, and in-home care services by matching specific needs with the most suitable resources in the area.