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Preparing To Downsize -- Audio Presentation

Aging | by Melodie Rice

    As we age, our large family home can feel harder and harder to maintain. The yard is too big, the stairs too many, the rooms too often empty and we begin to wonder if we should consider a smaller home, something more manageable, more cost effective. But the idea, with all its implications, stops us in our tracks. Join Melodie Rice as she shares her experience in this field. You'll feel much more prepared to take that next big step. 

    Click to listen: Preparing To Downsize

    This presentation was offered on April 8, 2017 at Greater Portland Bible Church as part of the Aging Well and Planning For the Future seminars. 

    Melodie Rice is a licensed real estate broker with Summa Real Estate Group. She specializes in providing services to seniors and women. In particular she likes to help in the downsizing or "rightsizing" process. Melodie is a CNE-Certified Negotiator Expert..working with high integrity giving the best of herself for the most return and value for her client.