For We Are God's Masterpiece

Posted by Blake Wilkes on

Ephesians 2:10 says, “For we are God’s masterpiece”. This is quite a statement from our God, especially this past weekend as I looked out over the blue mirror that is Crater Lake. It was Lana and I’s first visit to the imploded volcano and we had no idea what to expect...


Posted by Wayne Williams on

For more than six weeks now, Paulette and I have been on the receiving end of fellowship. We made the move to our new home on Father’s Day weekend. In the weeks before our move and in the weeks since, very many of you in our church family have “fellowshipped” by sharing your...

Lazy Days

Posted by Sally Bland on

I love this time of year! School is out and the sun is shining! Our family likes to take advantage of the lazy days without a schedule to spend time with each other. Summer also frees up time allowing us to focus more on God. As we do so we become more mature in our faith growing closer to God...

So That

Posted by David Smith on

This Sunday, we have the privilege of hearing John Chang teach on John 17. As I have been reading over this famous passage of Jesus’ prayer for his disciples (known by many as “Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer), I have been especially struck by these few verses: “As you...

Plan "B"

Posted by Joyce Wachsmuth on

What do you do when things you have planned are altered by God and His plans? What do you do when you know that God is the blessed controller of all things and there is nothing you can do? My walk with Christ is many times going from plan “A” to plan “B”. When plans are...

Investing in Eternity

Posted by John Brunton on

The theme for our Global Partnership Emphasis this year was “Investing in Eternity” and our key verse was Matthew 6:19-21 “Do not store up for yourselves treasures on earth, where moths and vermin destroy, and where thieves break in and steal. But store up for...

Tweener Times

Posted by Wayne Williams on

I have written before about how I enjoy the time between seasons more than the actual seasons themselves. There is a mixture of both relief and anticipation in these ‘tweener’ times. Relief, for example, that winter is over and anticipation of the spring and summer ahead. A mixture...

A Community Sunday of Praise

Posted by David Smith on

We are coming up on A Community Sunday of Praise this Sunday, May 29. Our Worship Pastor and his wife, David and Ruth Smith, created this video to share what they are praising God for. Take a peek by clicking here!  

An Underlying Reality

Posted by Blake Wilkes on

Time continues to march on. Soon it will be one whole year that Lana and I have been calling all of you our Faith Community and Family. I can’t believe that it has been almost a year. Time has gone by so quickly and yet there is still so much to learn and there are still so many people to...

More Than Food

Posted by Joyce Wachsmuth on

Serving in the food pantry of our church is about more than the food we provide for our own community and the community at large. I serve as a leader once a month on Saturday with a team of 8-10 people. This past week Janice Fry, our director, who oversees the ministry team met with the team...