Relationships Take Work!


Posted by Tanner Woolf on

As many of you know, this last Friday was Fight Night! And if you weren’t there, it’s not what it sounds like! We had an amazing night filled with humor, fresh insight, and new strategies for our relationships. The incredible teaching of Les and Leslie Parrott made for such a fun...

Season of Refresh

Posted by Joyce Wachsmuth on

Two Sundays ago, Pastor Jay introduced our community to a Season of Refresh, with a new sermon series for Sunday mornings. The sermons will be on the  Greater Story of Jesus from Genesis to Revelation. He challenged us to see how our story connects with this Greater Story of Jesus. The...

It's Alive!

Posted by Caris Power on

<Nerd alert!> I love beginning a new sermon series at church. I do!Is anyone else feeling me on that one?There are several reasons for it: The start of something fresh. Hearing the vision behind why the pastor has chosen a particular portion of scripture to take our church through...



Posted by Jay Gjurgevich on

We Need to be Refreshed He turns a desert into pools of water, a parched land into springs of water. Psalm 107:35 Having grown up in the desert areas of Arizona, biblical metaphors like the one above from the Psalms make perfect sense to me. There are few things more precious in the desert than...

Prayer As the Secret Weapon

Posted by Janet Nordlund on

This is COMMUNITY SUNDAY! Four times a year we get to be all together as a whole faith family and we love it!!! We will be doing Battle through Prayer using The Armor of God from Ephesians 6:16-20 as our inspiration!  The imagery used in Ephesians 6 is one of Battle. It includes six pieces...

Renewing Our Intentionality

Posted by John Brunton on

We are in TROUBLE!  Now that I have your attention… We aren’t really in trouble, but I have been concerned about the Global Partnership (GP) Emphasis that is scheduled for the three Sundays of March 31, April 7 and April 14. For those who are new or newer to our faith...

A Special Tribute

Posted by Joyce Wachsmuth on

Fran Pelinka went to be with the Lord on Sunday evening, January 27. Fran was a loyal friend to many. With the gift of hospitality, she faithfully coordinated our greeters for our morning service. She did that for 13 years. She was also one of the small group leaders for our women’s Bible...

Remembering the Sweet Truth

Posted by Wayne Williams on

Paulette and I were on vacation out of state for two Sundays in January and, as enjoyable and refreshing as it was, it was really good to be back with the community we love last week. And to share in the Lord’s table with you all was especially meaningful. Communion is a “memorial...

So Thankful For You!


Posted by Richard McElroy on

I am so thankful for you, my Church family. As I slide into the routines of January (work, home, and life), I look forward to the constant rhythm of our gathering together, worshiping Jesus and sharing our lives. I don’t know about you, but the days seem to be coming fast with lots to do...

The Most Exciting Thing

Posted by Tanner Woolf on

It is obvious to most that we have had an incredibly busy season here in Ignite Student Ministries. From October to the New Year we have participated in Pumpkin Slam, Christmas parties, celebrated our leaders, Winterfest, and our students have had one of the busiest seasons they’ve ever...