New Mercies Every Morning in 2022

Posted by Greg Lunsford on

By Greg Lunsford-- Today we are closing out 2021 and tomorrow ushering in 2022! For some of us this may bring a sigh of relief that we made it another year. Others may be anxious, stepping into the new year with skepticism and asking what unknowns we are walking into. And others may be stepping...



Posted by Janice Fry on

By Janice Fry-- If you're friends with Wayne and Paulette Williams, you learn that asking yourself questions is good and sometimes helpful. One question I asked myself is, “Why did I agree to write a blog when I am not gifted in writing, and it can stress me out?” The word witness...

Do You See What I See?

Posted by Jane Lewis on

By Jane Lewis-- One of the most precious gleanings I have grasped from reading God’s word is when God spoke to Hagar, an outcast. She called Him “El Roi,” the “God Who sees.” He saw her, really saw her, and He sees us—He sees you. And yet, I find myself...

AA and the Church

Posted by Butch Whitten on

By Butch Whitten-- As many of the old timers at church know, I was a taxi driver. Back in 2000, I had a man die in my cab. I was taking him to a doctor's appointment in St. Johns. He fell asleep - or so I thought - so I let him sleep on the way to the appointment. I pulled up to the...



Posted by Jenny Ready on

By Jenny Ready-- I grew up in a household where the coming of Christmas meant that my mom would pull out endless boxes and our house would transform into a winter wonderland. We had a tree so fully decorated that not one branch was bare. Our mantle was this majestic icicle theme. There was a...

Community Sunday - Gratitude

Posted by Janet Nordlund on

By Janet Nordlund-- This Sunday is Community Sunday, and our theme is Gratitude!! We get to remember and celebrate our Big God together as a whole faith community. “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! In his great mercy he has given us new birth into a Living Hope...


Posted by Isaac Bland on

By Isaac Bland-- November is a time of thanksgiving, when we take the time to remember what God has done, slow down, and spend time with our families. This is also the time of year when things can get crazy busy as we prepare for the holidays!  This is especially true for me this year. I...

Certainty and Doubt


Posted by Lee Ballard on

By Lee Ballard-- This week at Planted, I was asked to speak about doubt. Believe you me, while it seems to be in my nature to wrestle with my own doubts, I worry that what I think about doubt and what I have to say about doubt may not be entirely useful for other people. For about...

Loving our Neighbors at Family Jam


Posted by Sally Bland on

By Sally Bland-- How do we love our neighbors? In Mark 12:31, Jesus says to "love your neighbor as yourself." I have seen our church do this well by providing for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of the community! Meeting those needs is an important part of loving our neighbors, but...


Posted by Dana Minkler on

By Dana Minkler-- When I was asked to write something for the weekly E-Newsletter, I first dismissed it. Then I questioned God as to why I was even asked. I thought maybe I should pray about it. You think? Well, I did, and I was having a great conversation with God as to all the reasons I...